Local Facilities

Transportation: From Jacare village out, a small train leaves about every 20 ‘Joao Pessoa or Cabedelo bound. However, on Saturdays only till noontime and NOT on Sundays.

Bus service: Busses run between Cabedelo, Joao Pessoa and Jacare on the main 4 lane highway at 10’walk from Jacare village.

Taxis: Plentiful all-over the place but beware of the free-lancers. The official ones have day and night tariffs meters. One can also negociate a fixed price for a given ride or fares for excursions.

Car rentals: Jacare-yacht-Village’ reception desk provides info and if necessary arrange bookings for car or buggy rentals with or without driver. There are numerous car rental agencies in Joao Pessoa’s Tambau district .
Fyi. a Fiat Uno with unlimited mileage is about R$ 60/day or R$ 50 plus R$ 0.25 / km.

Air Travel: Joao Pessoa is extending its airport for international operations, which for the time being are still limited.
Most regular international flights leave from Recife (120 km- reacheable by air,bus, taxi with round trip fare) or from Natal (180 km) for charter flights.
This info, due to the boom in tourism, might however become very rapidly obsolete. Jacare- yacht-Village ‘reception desk will at any time have the updated information.

Post office: There’s a postoffice located in the shopping section of the Texaco gas station , situated on the E-side of the highway coming out of Jacare. Opening hours from 8-12 am and 1-5 pm Mondays-Fridays.

Money: There are plenty of ATM-machines around, but the closest place where most credit cards can be used is situated in the jumbo Hiper Bompreco supermarket on the highway to Joao Pessoa.
Most banks and supermarkets in the touristic district of Tambau also provide the cash machines and some are located in special stalls away from the banks.
For cash money operations, it’s better to use the exchange offices rather than the banks, this way avoiding standing in line for quite some time. For easy access, there’s one in the shopping mall in “Manaira Shopping” and at the Mondeo travel agency , Avenida Nego in Tambau, 50 m away from the beach.
Cashing travel checks is better performed at the main Banco do Brazil location downtown Joao Pessoa.

Remember to have your passport along.

commerces4Medical Services: The private offices and hospitals are very good and cover all sorts of treatments and ailments. They are all over the place in town.
Dental work is of excellent quality and very cheap compared to European or US standards.
Although free of charge, try to avoid the public health clinics as they are of a doubtful quality.

Mosquitos: There are 2 types : the long-legged ones (Pernas longas) which attack at night and the very tiny ones which attack in group during rainy periods and mainly cause itching at the lower limbs. It’s therefore, as for all tropical locations, advisable to have some anti-repellant available and to use mosquito nets on board.
There’s no malaria or black fever around whatsoever. However, a form of malarial fever called Dengue
is occasionally popping up, causing headaches, high fever, extreme fatigue and itching. Is usually being treated with paracetamol (Don’t take aspirin!) and a couple of days rest.
For people who are ultra-sensitive, it’s better to go to a hospital for treatment at the first signs, this to avoid possible complications.

Food stores: Along the village street there are various stores selling the basic necessities, which avoids having to go to the large supermarkets all the time.

Mineral water: Water distribution, although tasting of chlorine, is of perfectly drinkable quality. Mineral water is being sold all over the place in various bottles up to 20 L.

Ice cubes: In bags of 2 kg are being sold in service stations, supermarkets and at Jacare-yacht-Village bar.

commerces3commerces2Supermarkets: When crossing the highway heading E towards the beach at Intermares, there are 2 stores within walking distance : the smallest one of the 2, called Montel is just behind the Texaco gas-station.
The second one, Litoral is halfway between the highway and the beach. On top of that, the shop in the Texaco service station is well catered for and is open all-night.

The 2 big super-markets , Carrefour and Bompreco, are some 4 km distant from the Jacare exit along the highway to Joao Pessoa with bus-stops in front and easy access to taxis for the return voyage.

Laundry: Apart from the established laundry shops downtown, Jacare-yacht-Village provides full laundry service if necessary.

Photostat copies and charts: All sorts of copies (Here called Xerox, pronounced Sherox) of docs, nautical charts etc… are available at various points along the main boulevard , called Epitacio Pessoa, in the capital of Joao Pessoa.
All buses between Cabedelo and Joao Pessoa hit this main boulevard.
Some names : Copias & etc.., Copiadora, PB Copias etc…

Nautical equiment and repairs: Maciel Pinheiro Street , close to Joao Pessoa’s train station, is the main area for everything technical, mechanical, automotive, plumbing, building materials, tools , electrical etc.. On the right- hand side of the slight slope leading to Maciel Pinheiro, there are 2 lathe-shops and a bit further on a shop specialized in metals : sheeting,profiles, steel, bronze, stainless and Teflon.
Along the highway coming out of Jacare and leading to Joao Pessoa there also 2 specialized shops for mechanical and rubber or neoprene parts : “Borrachao”and “Projecta”. They are virtually next to each other.
For specific nautical materials, the local shops are more in –line with smaller motor- craft requirements than with high-sea sailing. Pending the opening of a nautical shop at Jacare-yacht-Village, most requirements can be ordered at the Marina through catalogues.

Sails: A Joao Pessoa sailmaker, North Sails agent, performs all required sail work.

Stainless Steel Jobs: can be reasonably done locally.

Nautical electrics/electronics: As long as no specific spare parts are needed, qualified personnel can solve most of the problems.

Computers: Both hardware and software problems can quite well be handled as this market is highly developed in Brazil.

Small warning: For everything concerning repairs in South America, don’t expect the same speed and efficiency compared to the NW and NE parts of the Atlantic. Since overhere“time”has a different notion, some degree of patience and leniency might be exerted.

Night life: mainly concentrate around Tambau beach