Local Facilities

Local Transportation: From Jacaré village there is a bus to João Pessoa approximately every 30 minutes.  A pretty little train departs Jacaré village every 20 minutes, alternatively towards João Pessoa or Cabedelo.


Bus service: Busses run between Cabedelo, João Pessoa and Jacaré on the “BR”, a 4 lane highway about 10 minutes walk from the village. For busses in direction of João Pessoa, there is a bus stop just to the right of the “Posto de Jacaré” petrol station. For busses to Cabedelo, the bus stop is on the opposite side of the highway.


Taxis: Easy to find in Jacaré, as well as, in most other places, but beware of freelancers. The official taxis must be equipped with meters, with different tariffs for day and night. One can also negotiate a fixed price for a specific trip, and there are special fares for sight-seeing excursions.


Car rentals: The reception desk at Marina Jacaré Village can help with information and arrange bookings for car or buggy rentals, with or without driver. There are numerous car rental agencies, most of them located near the Tambau district (near the beach, below and along the street “Rui Carneiro).


Air Travel: João Pessoa has recently opened a new airport for international operations. For the time being, direct international flight connections are still limited, although they are on the increase.

Most regular international flights leave from Récife (110 km- reachable from João Pessoa by bus or taxi with round trip fare), or from Natal.
This info, due to the boom in tourism, might however very rapidly become out of date. Marina Jacaré Village’ reception desk will have the updated information available on request.


Post office: There is a post office located in the shopping arcade of the “Petrobras” petrol station, situated on the opposite side of the highway coming from Jacaré. Opening hours are from 8-12 am and 1-5 pm, Mondays-Fridays.


Money: There are plenty of ATM-machines around where cash in the local currency (the “Réal”) can be drawn, but the closest ones where international Visa cards can be used are located in the petrol stations on either side of the 4 lane highway (BR).  You will also find ATMs in the “Manaïra” shopping mall. The branches of the Bradesco bank are probably the preferred option as they offer withdrawal facilities with minimal fees.

For cash money operations, it is also possible to use the foreign exchange offices which tend to have interesting rates. You will find one on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall “Manaïra ” and another one at the Mondéo travel agency ,at N° 46 “Avenida Nego” in Tambau.



Medical Services: The private practices and clinics are of very good quality and cover all sorts of specialist treatments. There are numerous private practices distributed all over town.
Especially dental and ophthalmic work is very good value compared to European pricing.
Do not count on the public hospitals  as they are of a doubtful quality.


Mosquitos: There are 2 types: the long-legged ones which attack at night and the very tiny ones which attack in groups and appear sporadically during the months of March to May. You can protect yourself easily with mosquito anti-repellent against their bites which cause no more than an annoying itch.
There is no risk of marsh-fever, or malaria,  whatsoever. However, certain mosquitos can transmit a form of malarial fever called “Dengue”, which causes extreme fatigue and  headaches (essentially flu-like symptoms). It is usually being treated with paracetamol (do not take aspirin under any circumstances!) and a couple of days rest.

Generally speaking it is better to go see a doctor in case of symptoms, and to consider installing mosquito nets on the boat on arrival in tropical latitudes.


Food stores: Along the main street of the village of Jacaré, just around the corner from Marina Jacaré Village, are several grocery stores and a bakery where one can buy all everyday food stuffs such as fruits, vegetables, drinks, mineral water, ice cubes etc…

Mineral water: Tap water, although it tastes a little of chlorine, is of perfectly drinking quality. Mineral water is being sold all over the village in 20l and 5l bottles.


Ice cubes: Come in bags of 2 kg and are being sold at grocery stores, petrol stations, and supermarkets.


Supermarkets: There are three supermarkets along the main street of Intermares, located within walking distance on the other side of the BR opposite Jacaré: one of the three is called “Menor Preço” and is located just after the Petrobras petrol station of Intermares. 
The second one, “Litoral” is halfway between the highway “BR” and the beach. The third one, “Santiago”, is closest to the beach.

On top of that, the shop at the petrol station in Intermares is well catered for and is open allnight.

The 2 closest large superstores the “Carrefour” and its neighbour “Bompreco”, are located some 4 km along the highway “BR” towards João Pessoa, with bus stops in front and easy access to taxis for the return voyage.

Laundry: Jacaré Marina Village offers a laundry service including washing, drying, ironing and folding.


Photocopies and charts: Services for photocopies (called “Xerox” in Brazil, pronounced “Sherox”)  as well as, print copies of maps and nautical charts are available at various points in town.  

Nautical equipment and repairs: Maciel Pinheiro” street is the main area for everything technical, mechanical, automotive, tools, general building materials, hydraulic systems, plumbing (PVC and stainless steel valves),  electrical…There are also several battery suppliers, turners, milling machine operators etc. along this street.

It is located in the lower part of town in João Pessao, in easy walking distance from the train station when arriving by train from Jacaré: When coming out of the train station, walk across the large square in front, and then it is the first street that you cross.

On the right hand side of the slight slope leading to Maciel Pinheiro, along the square, there are two lathe workshops and a bit further on a workshop specialized in metals : sheeting, profiles, steel, bronze, stainless steel and teflon.
Along the highway on the right hand side, just before the large superstores there are also two specialized shops: one is a hardware store, “O Borrachão”,  for all kinds of mechanical and rubber or neoprene parts, and the other one, “Projeta”, for all types of building materials and very well stocked. 
For specific marine parts and equipment, the local shops are more in line with local demand, and are essentially geared towards smaller motor craft rather than bluewater sailing yachts. Pending the opening of a nautical shop at Marina Jacaré Village, specialised nautical equipment can be ordered at our marina through catalogues.

Sails: There is a sailmaker in Jacaré who carries out all sail repairs,  cutting of new sails for cruising sailboats, sail bags, Spinnaker socks etc.

Stainless Steel Jobs: can be done locally at a reasonable quality standard.

Marine electrics/electronics: As long as no specific spare parts are needed, qualified personnel can solve most problems.

Computers: Both hardware and software problems can normally be fixed as this market is highly developed in Brazil.

A small warning: For everything concerning repairs in South America, try not to expect the same speed and efficiency that you are used to finding on the other sides of the “Big Blue”. Since over here “time” has a different notion, a little patience and leniency will go a long way.

Night life: Mainly concentrated around Tambau beach and accessible by bus or taxi.