Facilities and Services


wasser_strom poolOn the pontoons: drinking water and electricity outlets (220V-60Hz).
On the premises : BBQ, swimming pool, laundry facilities, showers and toilets, and a free access to a Wifi Internet.

The use of the swimming pool, showers and toilets, and access to electricity and water are strictly reserved for the marina users.

slipDiesel, Oil and dry-out facility at low tide for hull cleaning with high pressure and antifouling paints can be made available : refer to the reception desk.

stegPontoon mooring prices: Based on the estimated time of stay, Marina Jacare Village proposes discounts in the range of 20-30% on the basic prices, for prepaid monthly and for 6 months.

Are included in Marina Jacare Village prices : mooring, water on the pontoons and access to the marina’s facilities (swimming pool, shower block, BBQ).

The access to internet is free.

If you prefer to stay at the anchorage, for  a fixed rate by week, you can have access to the showers, toilets, swimming pool and you can let your dinghy at the pontoon. This option also leaves access to the laundry premises, bar, restaurant, library and the on-shore Internet.


Hauling in and out : We are using a Parklev system, which allows us to haul in and out monohull and catamarans until 44 feet and 15 tons, without taking off the mast.











Our boat yard is fully equipped with electric outlets, water and can park about 15 sailing yachts.


Our down stream pontoon is now extended and can welcome3.2 draught sailing vessels.



Anchoring in Jacare is pretty safe, but make sure to use sufficient chain (min. 20 m) as the tidal current could foul your anchor. At the anchorage don’t leave your boat open when you are on shore. It’s better at night to hang up your dinghy and outboard engine.

As all over the world in places with large social differences, avoid showing-off with jewelry, expensive watches etc.. while walking the streets and don’t go near to badly lit places or shanty towns at night and during daytime.
Unless you have to fulfil some official business (authorities, travel checks banking a.o.) where passports have to be produced, leave all official documents in a safe place on your boat. Brazilian police don’t require foreigners to carry original I.D. papers, so take a Xerox copy with you.

Avoid to take wallets in your back pocket; just some money and 1 Credit Card in a tight jeans’pocket.
NE Brazil, is generally speaking pretty safe, although petty crimes such as pickpocking, stealing cellphones etc. are pretty common.