In case of your first-time arrival in Brazil you will have to clear in. First you should go to the Policia Federal (responsible authority for immigration matters), together with all crew members. You have 2 days to complete clearance formalities, first at the Policia Federal, then at Customs (Receita Federal), then at the Navy (Capitania dos Portos). You should present yourself properly dressed (long trousers, no shorts!) as otherwise you may be denied access.


  1. First step: Policia Federal (immigration). You will be given a free individual tourist visa valid for 90 days. Citizens from EU and UK cannot extend their visa. In theory, you would have to leave Brazilian territory for a period of 90 days, to become eligible for another 90 day visa on returning. If you plan to leave your boat in Brazil whilst leaving the country yourself, you can ask for a 2 year’ extension of the Customs’ clearance for the boat, as long as you leave the boat under the guardianship of a recognized entity. If you plan to leave your boat at our marina we can give you the required documents.
  2. Second step: Customs (Receita Federal). You should bring with you the documents received at the Policia Federal. You should also present a document which needs to be completed prior on the website of the Receita Federal, please refer link
  3. Third step: Navy (Capitania dos Portos). The Navy office is open till 4pm. Its mission is essentially to guarantee the security along the Brazilian coast. You should present yourself at the Navy with all documents for the entire crew and the ship’s papers. When you leave port again, you should also report all crew changes (if any).


The Customs office is located in the commercial harbour of Cabedelo, easily accessible by train from the Marina.

Generally speaking, Brazilians are very welcoming and the formalities are easy. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that “time” does not have the same meaning as on the other side of the Atlantic…

When Leaving:

  • If you are leaving the Brazilian territory, the same formalities have to be completed, in the same order as when you cleared in.
  • If you are moving to another port within Brazil, you will only have to clear out at the Navy.


Boat visa extension: Although your own stay in Brazil is limited to 180 days/year in total, your boat can be remain up to 2 years which allows you to go home or visit other Latin-American countries by land or air travel…

Before leaving, you have to go to the Navy (Capitania dos Portos) in Cabedelo, with a certified declaration from a recognised entity (the marina) who will be the responsible guardian for your boat. Then you will need to go to Customs (Receita Federal) in Cabedelo, who will give you a free extension for the stay of your boat valid for up to 24 months and free of import taxes.